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Some good quotes to discover or revisit in this massive listicle, including:
Ousmane Sembène
“The role of the artist is not to say what is good, but to be able to denounce. He must feel the heartbeat of society and be able to create the image society gives to him. He can orient society, he can say it is exaggerating, going overboard, but the power to decide escapes every artist. I live in a capitalist society and I can’t go any further than the people. Those for change are only a handful, a minority, and we don’t have that Don Quixote attitude that we can transform society. One work cannot instigate change. I don’t think that in history there has been a single revolutionary work that has brought the people to create a revolution. It’s not after having read Marx or Lenin that you go out and make a revolution. It’s not after reading Marcuse in America. All the works are just a point of reference in history. And that’s all. Before the end of an act of creation, society usually has already surpassed it. All that an artist can do is bring the people to the point of having an idea of the thing, an idea in their heads that they share, and that helps. People have killed and died for an idea. If I understand your criticism, then I’m happy. I had no belief that after people saw Mandabi, they would go out and make a revolution. But people liked the film and talked about it, though my government didn’t. They wanted to censor the movie at the point where it said that ‘Honesty is a crime in Senegal.’ People discussed Mandabi in the post office or in the market and decided they were not going to pay out their money like the person in my movie. They reported those trying to victimize them, which led to many arrests. But when they denounced the crooks, they would say it was not the person but the government which was corrupt. And they would say they were going to change the country. I know my own limits. But through nothing more than just supplying these people with ideas, I am participating in their awareness.”
(via Famous Directors’ Filmmaking Advice – Flavorwire)

Keith Haring

Mr. Otis Redding

Ramblas, Oswaldo Guyasamín

young Jeff Goldblum

Harrison Ford

A letter from Keith Haring, to a young Basquiat.
"Satisfy yourself. Don’t do it for anyone else."

fucking keith

Grand Canyon, Arizona

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